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We want to revolutionize the world of vehicle construction.

Problems should be questioned and rethought by us, with which we can develop completely new innovative solutions that can also be used effectively in foreign industries. With our innovation, we want to make the logistics world more sustainable and efficient in the future and thus also contribute to reducing Co² emissions.


And how do we do that?


» We will promote CO₂-neutral premium mobility in the long term.

» We are selling more and more products for vehicles with alternatives

» By 2025 we will reduce our CO₂ footprint by around 30 percent over the entire life cycle.

» By 2050 at the latest, we want to be CO₂-neutral on the balance sheet throughout the company.




become a vehicle builder  faced with ever increasing challenges.
Transport routes must become more and more efficient,

Leaner and greener production processes and much more. Together with our customers, we work every day to master these tasks, because vehicle construction is our passion!

Passionate about vehicle construction

" Together we are strong!
We live this credo, with our employees, with our customers!

» We, the customer, our products.

» Vehicle construction, wholesalers, visionaries, we all come together.

» We do what we say! We say what we do! You can rely on us!





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