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Cargotrail Steel-Floor-Frames SSP3

SSP1 and SSP2 become SSP3!

It became time to implement the experiences, which we collected with the first version of the Cargotrail Steel-Floor-Frame (SSP1), which exists almost unchanged since 2008, into a new variation.

Since 2014 there is in addition to the SSP1 the SSP2 -  a pure material platform with optimized hat profile crossmembers and integrated tie-down rings in the bevelled outer frame. 

Both already existing variations SSP1 and SSP2 are combined to the SSP3. As aresult of this both are completely cancelled from our assortment.

With the SSP3 there is only one floor assembly for all constructions variations!

This means in practice:

  • less components and quicker delivery
  • less working steps - shortens construction times 
  • higher payload

The new Cargotrail Steel-Floor-Frame SSP3 gives you and your customers variability in all areas. It captures in its possibilities all chassis-frame widths, all wheelbases and all structual lengths for chassis from 7,49 to 26t permissible maximum weight.

The kit is alternatively available with post systems and platform-gate systems, as platform body and as Curtain-Sider-Platform in steel version with the new Suer-Varia-CS or the PWP aluminium trailer kit. Alternatively the floor frame is also available indivually, for example for box bodies.

Final floor frames in the front and rear:

The new front and rear end frame distinguishes itself by a 90 degree mounting angle for direct screwing on the lateral floor frame profiles. The previous screwing across the corner is not necessary anymore. The omitted screw heads within the corner area give place for the uncomplicated assembly of all construction variations.

The straight and the slanted outer frame can be screwed on this end floor frame. As the picture shows the strenght of the floor frame is 30 mm. Alternatively a lowering of 24 mm is available for the straight floor frame.

The standard platform, the material platform and the Curtain-Sider with PWP trailer kit are also DIN EN 12642 Code XL certificated and deliverable with the SSP3 floor frame.

Auxiliary frame:

There is only one auxiliary frame remaining. No left, no right, no 90 mm variation. One version, 140 mm tall, usable on both sides, with recess in the front for a soft crossing of the load on the chassis frame, intimately as the chassis manufactorers demand it.

Optionally there is a welding angle for the assembly of the crossmembers on the auxiliary frames from customers, for example with reinforced auxiliary frame for crane superstructures.

Another feature ist the raised pay load by less material usage by intelligent design of section. 

One of the following three contacts is available to you with pleasure for further information!


Miguel Duarte+49 2196 946-204Miguel.Duarte(at)
Christiane Hessler+49 2196 946-210Christiane.Hessler(at)
Michael Carrieri+49 2196 946-141Michael.Carrieri(at)

PWP - BlueLine - Paco lock

NEU in the supply range!

Our electrogalvanized Paco tension fastener from the product family BlueLine (143112767) for 25 mm sideboards.

  • ergonomic safety button for an easy opening
  • double secured
  • opening stroke32 mm
  • connection thread for the T-pieces M14x1,5

For more information see our product flyer!

Suer concrete weights

Overview of our current product line-up

We would also like to seize the opportunity this month to introduce our wide product variety in the section of the concrete weights.

In the following you can take all necessary information from the suitable flyers.

As small eye-catcher serves on this occasion our "cow weight", which we have ordered in the course of the Agritechnica in 2011 and which we drew there.


Please contact one of our following contacts for further information:

Nicole Schütten+49 2196 946-143Nicole.Schuetten(at)suer.deWermelskirchen
Margit Königsdorfer+49 8205 9611-0Margit.Koenigsdorfer(at)suer.deDasing
Ernst Löffler+49 7032 309 5833-63Ernst.Loeffler(at)suer.deHerrenberg
SB concrete weight
SBH concrete weight
SBK concrete weight
SBS concrete weight
SM concrete weight


Enlargement in the load securing assortment

T-Lock describes our form-logical load securing system in the Curtain-Sider-Kit. The T-Lock hook sits in the plan board and intervenes in the plan board pockets. The plan boards form a continuous unity like a closed ring around the construction between the post springs.

By the application of the new T-Lock-System in our Curtain-Sider-Setup PWP Trailer kit, we could reach following essential advantages in the composition testing according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL:

  • Elimination of the costly reinforced side tarpaulin for XL
  • Light weather protection tarpaulin with a very simple usability can be used
  • Longer and higher compositions with only one middle post
  • Less plan boards
  • Lighter plan boards

Load securing must not always be expensive! 

For more information to this product and its varied application ability either see our product flyer or please contact:


Miguel Duarte+49 2196 946-204Miguel.Duarte(at)

Drag shoes

Yellow. Good. Cheap. Our drag shoe - Made in Germany!

The manufactoring process of the plastic drag shoes from the company Suer has changed.

Now through this, all articles of this product family are similiar in their appearance and they carry the Suer logo as well as the name "Made in Germany".

Now we offer our drag shoe G53 additionally without anti-skid metal.

The article numbers arise as follows:

IP Telephony

Suer Leipzig changes to IP-telephony

In the digital age it's not missing that one must carry out technical changes every now and then. Thus we start in our office in Leipzig and now have changed to IP telephony.

IP telephony means that one does not make phonecalls over the conventional telephone network, but over the internet. The appreciable advantages are: more performance, more capacity, cost reduction and higher user friendliness.

From technical view it can be noted that with the integrated services digital network and the analogous phone technology a part of the lead bound network is only used for voice transmission. This is ineffective from technical perspective.

The IP technology is more advanced, because the use is package bound. I.e. is the bandwidth not getting demanded, it is available for alternative applications.

You can take the changes originating from it with regard to the phone numbers of our employees from the following table!

Employees0341-229015 + direct dial
Mr. David Neuber60
Ms. Veronika Olbrich63
Mr. Stefan Gerhardt64
Mr. Tino Stecher65
Mr. Tobias Niedenführ66
Ms. Jana Brand67
Ms. Sabine Reiner68
Mr. Hans-Jürgen Wagner71


In the beginning of this month there was a special reason for joy. Dark Lemmer celebrated on 1 September his 25th company anniversary at Suer Nutzfahrzeugtechnik.

After we have reported in the last time about our younger generation, the future focus and the perspective of the enterprise which is linked with that, we are also glad to give a positive example of values like tradition, loyalty and competence.

In the name of the whole company we would like to thank Mr. Lemmer at this point for his extremely loyal services and hope for an ongoing very good cooperation!