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Certificated aluminium underride guard 563040

Information & Reminder

In november 2014 a total of 49 EG guidelines got replaced by EG and ECE regulations. Guideline 58 (rear underride guard) was also included. It gets since then replaced by the ECE regulation. Nevertheless the EG admission is also applicable.

Due to the high standard of our quality management system in the section "development, manufactoring an distribution of underride guards for trucks and trailers" Suer is one of the companies which immediately rendered a succesful certification audit.

You can have a look at the belonging TÜV certificate via this link

Instead of a product information flyer you can find the current alternatives of our aluminium underride guard 563040 below.


Herr Falentin02196 / 946-134juergen.falentin(at)
Herr Schiffler02196 / 946-209thomas.schiffler(at)

Variant without hole pattern


aluminiumwhite RaL 90102400mm

Variant with standard hole pattern


Aluminiumwhite RaL 90102400mm
Aluminium black RaL 90052400mm



Aluminiumwhite RaL 90102400mm

Lighted variants



anodizedRaL 9005RaL 9010



anodizedRaL 9010RaL 3002








An individual length , an individual hole pattern and an individual equipment is possible.

Please note that a minimum order exists!




SSE Premium

Product change information

At our premium holder for lateral collision protection the following two things have changed:

The first change concerns the splint and the bracket. For quality reasons this is not galvanised anymore , but from stainless steel.

The holes for the fastening of the lateral collision protection below the Suer logo are not to be recognised round, with a diameter of 10 mm, anymore, but as shown on the product photo on the right there are long holes (20 mm) now. Above all this change increases the flexibility of the positioning!


You can take additional and especially all technical information from our product flyer!


Succesful apprentices

All five apprentices from Wermelskirchen, Dasing and Leipzig have passed their final examination!

Messrs. Sinan Ataoglu, Dominic Kastenberg (Wermelskirchen), Adrian Czudaj (Dasing) and David Neuber(Leipzig) have graduated as businessman/businesswoman in wholesale and foreign trade after the oral examination from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Cologne.

Mrs. Evgenia Hesler achieved this graduation already in January, after shortening her apprenticeship by six months!

Mr. Ataoglu shortened his training period successfully by a year!

Our sincere gratulations! We are glad that all graduates will proceed their career path with us!

Katharina, Antonino, Marc, Dennis and Niklas are making it!

The training @ SUER!

After succsessful passing of our former apprentices, we may also welcome five new apprentices this year.

On 1st of August Katharina Printz, Antonino Alfano, Niklas Gebauer and Marc Gerdowski took their first step towards wholesale, import and export merchant. Dennis Akyol begins his training as warehouse specialist.

The first week started with informative launching days which contained among other things a presentation of our company including a tour, an introduction in the operational procedures, but also the first instructions in the current software. On the third day they already went to their respective workplaces, where they will collect their first impressions and experiences during the next weeks and months.

We like on behalf of all to welcome our trainees warmly! We wish you good luck, hope that you will enjoy working with us and look forward to a good cooperation!

Construction of Suer Polska branch finished

Suer Polska Ukończyła Budowe!

Impressions of the new building

Portugal is European champion..

.. and we congratulate the winners of our betting game

Passé - the European Championship in 2016 is over! Behind us are 30 days and 51 matches in ten stadiums.

Although France still had to struggle with problems like trade union strikes and terrorist threat in June, they hosted the EURO 2016. Beside the initial acts of violence of some minorities, the pictures of the magnificent fans will remain in memory. To higlight are the North Irish, who celebrated her player Will Griggs in spite of any time on the pitch to the melody of "Freed of Desire" and of course the Icelanders with their . . . Huh!. . . "Vikings Clap".

After a margin of victory over France, Portugal had the privilege to lift the trophy skyward. Now they can call themselves for four years European Champion.

A total of 130 participants have taken part in our Kicktipp betting game and they have fought fair for the popular places 1-6. The lucky winners were already informed, so that nothing is in way of a awarding the prizes.


We hope all participants had as much fun in this action like we had. We are already looking forward to the World Championship in two years, when "Suer goes Kicktipp" is perhaps given again.