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European Football Championship 2016 Prediction Game

Suer looks forward to the EURO 2016 excitedly

EURO 2016 venues

In less than four weeks (10th of June) the European championship 2016 in France starts.

As announced before the company Suer Nutzfahrzeugtechnik GmbH & Co. KG organizes in this context a kicktipp prediction game.

From now on you can register HERE!


The match schedule, the related rules of the game and further important information can be found through the linked menu on our homepage.

Beside all upcoming matches there are going to be special bets like "Who will become European Champion?" or "Who will win the group A?".


You can find the related conditions of participation HERE!



The shopping vouchers are to redeem by following partner companies


The best participants will win attractive prizes:

1. Place150,-   €uro BestChoice shopping coucher from Cadooz
2. Place100,-   €uro BestChoice shopping coucher from Cadooz
3. Place  50,-   €uro BestChoice shopping coucher from Cadooz
4.-6. Place  20,-   €uro BestChoice shopping coucher from Cadooz

Rock-hard product increase!

neu: Steel sideboards SU-500/600

The utmost attention to details and quality is paid already during the manufactoring process.

The laser welded S235JR steel profiles do have a high bending strength which is ensured by the high precision of the weld on the one hand and that they are completely leak proof on the other hand.

The steel profiles can be used in agricultural trailers and trucks as well.

You can find more information and measurements in the related product flyer.



Up, up... IV

neu: Trailerstep 300131953

In the last newsletter we presented you the two-step stepladder (300131956) and the three-step stepladder (300131955). 

This time new in our program is the extractable one-step stepladder which is galvanized as well.

You can find the relevant measurements on our product flyer.

Retain a sideboard...?

neu: sideboard retainer 605646601

For the drop-side lifting aid we assume that the sideboard has to be locked.

Seeing that the existing door holders are not practicable regarding the size, we decided in this context to design a smaller sideboard retainer (605646601).

That has a length of 140 mm, a heigth of 50 mm and a width of 50 mm. Therefore underneath the centre pillar two sideboard retainer can be mounted side by side. Provision is made for that the bracket shows downwards in its non-tensioned condition. Here the bracket gets hold by a guide so that it is not able to twist. If the sideboard should get locked, the bracket gets removed and rotated 90°. The operation is similar to the one from the door holder, except that the hub is limited to approx. 80 mm. On the back four holes are located with a diameter of 8,5 mm to ensure an easy assembly.


The sideboard retainer can be used double-sided!

For our floor frames, which can be found in our catalogue, we offer a mounting plate which is supposed to be adjusted at the cross member by the vehicle manufacturer. Due to individual requirements we cannot present a complete solution.

For our platforms ASP and SSP consoles for mounting are available.

For more information see our product flyer.


SRT achieves the 3. Place!

On April 23rd 2016 the signal for the industry-specific run of the logistics magazine “trans aktuell" has fallen again for the 10th time. 

Of course the participation for the Suer- Running- Team - SRT - was a must.

Beside the running team leader Dieter Dudek this year just two further members took part - Jan Feldmann and Johanna Klimsara.

Despite an exhausting 270 kilometers journey to Werlte and cool weather conditions, the three faced the challenge with the other 177 Runners. At the end the SRT achieved the third place of the team classification over the 10 kilometers with an excellent total performance. Dieter Dudek reached the second place in his age group (over 45) with 46:22 minutes. Johanna Klimsara reached the fifth place for womens  under 45 with 55:10 minutes and Jan Feldmann the sixth place for men under 45 with 44:19 minutes. 

The program also included a high-calibre panel discussion. Furthermore it was discussed about how employers could increase their commitment in sports.

The organization of the event has run smoothly. At the evening event the runners could relax and let the day end with a smile in her face. 

We thank the organizers for an awesome day!