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Resistant can be environmentally friendly!

Alternative coating GEOMET® 321

Our tubes 275381530 and 275381543 are now
with GEOMET® 321 coating available!

  • water-based
  • thin-layered, non-electrolytic
  • is composed of zinc- und aluminum-lamellae
    in a silicon oxide-matrix
  • metal silvery
  • corrosion resistance certified by
    salt spray test (IS0 9227/ASTM B117)
  • chromium-free
  • top-coatable
  • more environmentally friendly than conventional coatings

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Paco tension fastener with catch hook

Paco lock
Hook and keeper pocket  (385102872 and 385102873)

Our electro galvanized PWP Paco tension fastener (143112767) for 25 mm side boards has is now available with catch hook and a corresponding closing gasket (385102872 und 385102873) as an alternative to the T-pieces.

More Informationen can be found in the product sheet!

New aluminum catalog!

Aluminum catalog 2017 (German version)

Ready for summer!

Spring/Summer Special 2017


new: 12V LED trailer lights-set 204553580

204553580-12V LED trailer lights-set

Easy to install thanks to mounting rail at the back side of the lights. (The fastening material is not included in the delivery). Usually the already existing mounting holes at the trailer can be used. Eventually an additional bore (approx. 20 mm) is necessary for the cablebushing. After the mounting of the components connect the lights with the 2-meter-cabel. Plug the cable connector into the light and tighten the bayonetbushing. Finally plug the 5-meter-cabel into the 13-pole vehicle connector socket, tighten it and plug the other end into the right or left light. Finished!

  • 141 x 204 x 40 mm
  • 1x LED light left with fog- andnumber plate light
  • 1x LED light right with reversing- andnumber plate light
  • Dust- and watertight (IP69K)

Further Information can be found in our product sheet.