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In Focus


In the Suer in focus brochures you will find news and/or topics which we have carefully prepared for your information. The basis of the concept is to highlight those product characteristics that are of key importance in terms of installation and functioning, and of course the products' advantages. For this reason it is often the case that you will find more information here on a product than, for example, in the manufactuer's brochure.When browsing through the brochure's pages please bear in mind that the documentation is for the most part no longer up-to-date, and its contents are not necessarily up-to-date.

In Focus 2017 you receive an insight into our topical delivery programme in the area of Cagrotrail  SSP3, PWP Aluminium Trailer Kit and PWP Blueline CS-Centre pillar.

In Focus 2007 gives an overview about the topical delivery programm of Aspöck lighting systems in 12-V and 24-V areas.



In Focus 2015  deals with our topical delivery programm in the area of Cagrotrail-Kits.

In Focus 2005 chemical products of the company Kömmerling are introduced. It deals with adhesives, sealants, primer and floor coatings.



 In Focus 2012 deals with our topical delivery programm in the area of Load restraint.

In Focus 2004 deals with the PWP Aluminium-Trailer Kit and the Cargotrail Aluminium-Platform Kit.